Ivanka Trump On Organisation And Efficiency


After taking some much needed time off for travelling around Europe, i’m back with a great interview I found whilst wondering around on Ivankatrump.com. Ivanka discusses how she stays organised and efficiency during the working week, which on a Monday is always inspiring to read to help us get prepped for the week ahead. Ivanka is all about women who work, she started her own campaign #WomenWhoWork last year and has received extremely positive results. Ivanka is passionate about constantly updating women around the world with tips, trends and how too’s for the busy working woman, which is what I love about her! Here are Ivanka’s 4 tips for staying organised and efficient during the work day.  Continue reading “Ivanka Trump On Organisation And Efficiency”

Hello Happy Skin

Hello Happy Skin

Hello Happy Skin was an idea that originated for me whilst sitting at my previous desk job. I was programmed to consume coffee and energy drinks to keep myself awake and focused Monday to Friday. One day I decided to research what other things I could consume to keep me feeling alert whilst also being good for my body. I could not stop seeing Matcha Green Tea everywhere overseas. Continue reading “Hello Happy Skin”

4 Week Bikini Body

Amelia Ricci

I have come to the end of my 4 week bikini body challenge and I must say, it has been a great experience and I have learnt a thing or two along the way. Amelia has over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and has also seen her fair share of fitness fads come and go which is why she is dedicated to helping you reach your goal! The 4 week challenge is a realistic guide to getting your health and fitness back on track. Continue reading “4 Week Bikini Body”

From The Pantry

We have some great ideas to help you out in the kitchen during your work week! Thanks to our guest writer Isabelle Donohoe, who shows us how we can whip up a quick and easy meal from just the items in our pantry and leftovers! We have all has the same feeling, It’s five o’clock on hump-day, and all you want to do is kick up your feet and indulge in some reality TV. But first, dinner. The fridge and pantry offer little inspiration, containing only the usual leftover ingredients and last night’s scraps. Fear not; these recipes for light dinners and tasty snacks make those common household ingredients shine. Continue reading “From The Pantry”